Consultation & Fees    

Fortune Telling by Bazi

Eg. Career, Love, Wealth, Health, Emigration, etc.

Each Question :  HKD 1,000- ( 1hr )

Auspicious Date Selection

For Grand Opening :   HKD 2,000- up

For Caesarian Session:HKD 10,000- 

                                                                                          ( 3 options will be given )

For Marriage / Wedding :  HKD 5,000-                                                      ( 3 options will be given )

Naming for Company / Person :  HKD 8,000-             ( 3 options will be given )

Marriage Prediction :  HKD 10,000- ( 2 hrs )            Annual Assessment :  HKD 3,000- (  1 hr  )                           

 Whole Life Assessment :    HKD 10,000- ( 2hrs )

All services are done manully by Master Kim. Options of Appointment will be delivered to client’s  e-mail account within 3 working days after your payment is confirmed. Clients have to inform us their birthday, place and time of birth if possible, via e-mail to

[email protected]

**All Assessments & Analysis are evaluated by Master Kim,

and are not generated by computer software available in the market **

Feng Shui Consultation

For   Residential Apartment :HKD 25- / Sq ft   ( For local, minimum charge HKD 50,000- )

For   Residential House :Negotiable

For   Commercial Apartment HKD 40- / Sq ft ( For local, minimum charge HKD 80,000- )

Shop / Factory :HKD 40- / Sq ft  ( For local, minimum charge HKD 80,000- )

For   Overseas Consultation : Negotiable

** All Geomancy Consultation & Settings done by Physical Study

Payment Methods :

1. All payments are settled by cash deposit   or  ATM  transfer. Please deposit money into China CITIC Bank International  account :  744 - 2 - 16240100 and  keep the receipt  for verification. 

For Mainland Clients,   please deposit money into Bank of China (PRC) account :   

621 - 7852 - 0000 - 0562 - 4591and  keep the receipt  for verification. 

2. After payment, please send us the time, day & place of your birth, and payment receipt by email. Please leave us your contact details and surname.

3. If  Feng Shui   consultation  is related  to  residence,   please e-mail  us your surname, contact number,  the 

birthday of the people living in the residence, residential floor plan, address  and payment receipt. If   the family does worship any God or late ancestor, please specify their shrine locations on the floor plan

4. I the consultation  is  related to  commercial premises or shops,  please let us know by email the employer's birthday,  the business the employer is in  and the office floor plan.

5. For  graveyard  consultation,  please  provide us  the time  of  birth & death  of  the  deceased  ancestor,  planned  burial  site  and  related information

Please specify your surname, telephone, and the requested service. For Feng Shui consultation, please indicate your  full address,  together with the payment receipt.  After receiving your email with the aforesaid information,  we  shall  contact you  as soon as possible

All  fees paid will not be returned.  If  the  schedule  for  the  consultation is  changed,  notice  must  be  given  to  us  at  least  two  days  before  the   scheduled  date

Personal  information supplied by all clients  are protected by Personal Data ( Privacy ) Ordinance Chapter 486 ), the  Laws of Hong Kong.  If  time or venue needs to be changed after schedule is made, to protect your privacy, we shall request our clients to provide us information  for verifying  their identity.

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