Kimsunchee ( 庚申子 ) has profound interests in “ the Four Pillars of Destiny ” and Chinese Astrology since high school. By the fate of destiny she came across few Asian Studies Philosophers & I-Ching Scholars, and studied as their disciple “ Xuan Kong ”, the Book of Changes and Chinese Philosophy. She was deeply fascinated by the underlying principles laid down in the Book of Changes, “ Tai Yi ” and “ Qi Men Dun Jia ”.

Kim's family originally from Shanghai, in her early childhood, she leads a wondering life with her family for overseas after leaving their home. Later, she was sent to a boarding school in Hong Kong - St. Stephen's College in Stanley. She received her higher education in the United Kingdom. She has spent six years in the University of Glamorgan, the University of Bristol, and the University of Nottingham respectively, where she learnt Common Law, European Law and Medical Law for her Bachelor and Master Degrees, and also the UK local practitioner diploma. In order to satisfy her curiosity, she has sit-in anatomy lessons for around six months, she then was wedded to the edge of science and religion, seeking for the laws of universe.

Kim headed for Japan from England and stayed with her friends for a period. During that time, she was therefore enlightened by Japanese Yi Yang Theory. She comprehended that the said Japanese Yi Yang must integrated with Chinese Five Elements. Under its immense influence, she came to realize that everything is derived from “ infinity ”, and one should not focus only in the major schools of thoughts such as “ Three Origins ”, “ Three Hybrids ”, “ Zhongzhou ”, and “ Blind Cult ”. We shall show respect with humbleness to other hundreds of theories, master their core values and use the theories with dexterity.

After returning to Hong Kong, Kim had served at law firms, Consulates, financial institutions and business sectors. She also had opportunities to run a patent registration business and jewelry production and wholesale business. She was also involved in education ( university courses organized in 2004 & 2013 ) , painting art, Bazi and Geomancy work, and served in TVEI ( 1995 ) , Champion Sports Magazine, Driver’s World, International Association of Registered Financial Consultants ( as Executive Director in 2007 ) , the training instructor for students taking overseas university entrance examination, Part -Time Tutor for European Law and Business Law, and courses in “ Tung Sin Tan ” ( 2013 ) , etc. Starting in 2014, Kim is the host of “ hk 026 ” ( 香港 靈異錄 ) , also publishes her feng shui articles in HK Elle Magazine Blog, SINA.comHK, Fengshui-Magazine, HK Fengshui, BlogCity, Fashion & Beauty, and some feng shui websites overseas. In 2015, she was invited to be a Feng Shui Lecturer for Greater China Region Economics, by Hong Kong Property services ( Agency ) Ltd ( 香港置業 ). Same year, she established ' The Wise Parlor '. 2016 she was invited to give monthly internal Feng Shui Training by Hong Kong Property services ( Agency ) Ltd. She even gets involved with historical, scientific and philosophical controversy, documentary film production. She studies ancient folk cults custom and cultural art, also poetry, etc.

Believing that one is never too old to learn, Kim has been reading a lot of books relating to Archaeology, Chemistry, Neo-Confucianism Philosophy, Psychology, Medicine and Astronomy at her leisure time. She would deal with matters using the objective and rational perspective and would never link things up with ghosts or gods.

Kim has experienced sea changes in life and witnessed traumatic scenes during the past. She has established a rapport with Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Japanese Yi Yang, and the people in this world are perplexed by “ greed, hatred, ignorance, pride, and doubt ”. She deeply felt that life and destiny have vast impact to a person's entire life. She hope those in lost can eventually leave shadows without wondering.

Inspired by the Book of Changes and the Chinese history, Kim is convinced that the Book of Changes and the “ Eight Trigrams ” are not stuffs of non-science and superstition. There is a certain reference value for the astronomy and physics. Tracing back from the ancient times from the Oracle period, we have the Eight Trigrams of King Wen of Zhou, Jiang Ziya's Six Secret Strategic Teachings, Confucius’ Commentaries on I-Ching, Guiguzi and Fan Ceng of the political strategists in the Warring States period, Dong Zhongshu, Zhang Liang and Sima Qian in Han Dynasty, Zhu Geliang and He Yan in the Three Kingdoms, Yuan Tiangang and Li Xuzhong in the Five Dynasties, Xu Ziping, Ou Yangxiu, Zhou Dunyi, Sima Guang, Su Shi and Zhu Xi in the Song dynasty, Wan Minying of the Ming Dynasty, Gu Yanwu of Qing Dynasty, Wei Qianli, Guo Moruo, Feng Youlan, Qian Muwei and Wen Yiduo of the modern era - all of the above scholars had studied this ancient Chinese science. Nowadays, the Book of Changes has been translated into multilingual versions. Not only our national leaders know the Book of Changes inside out, but also the western leaders and scholars have been studying this as a Chinese Art.

Kim follows a non-superstitious, scientific and rational perspective to understand objectively the profound erudition of Chinese treasures and combines the elements of physics and chemistry of the western world to form a set of modern application for destiny assessment. She hopes that she is able to untie people’s knot and solve their problems. Acceptance of our destiny is not a negative attitude. Though the fate has already been set for all men and women, the cyclical nature could be reversed through one's personality, habits, Feng Shui and charity work, even across time and space, leap beyond the Three Realms and no longer remain in the Five Elements. Thus acceptance of our destiny is an appropriate strategy to our present situation and is the best deployment for progress and retreat.

Enemies from previous life do come across somehow, life and death, we live on till dead, awaken is never too late until the second of one dies. Compassion is the most precious gift. Life is full of test. No matter how you wander in a puzzle, or get lost in your life. Wish you all finish your last piece of jigsaws and find your way out easily.

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